New publication of TIDE-UPF at ijCSCL: Deconstructing orchestration load: comparing teacher support through mirroring and guiding (ijCSCL)

Amarasinghe, I., Hernández-Leo, D. & Ulrich Hoppe, H. Deconstructing orchestration load: comparing teacher support through mirroring and guiding. Intern. J. Comput.-Support. Collab. Learn (2021). (Open Access)

Abstract: Under the notion of “CSCL scripts”, different pedagogical models for structuring and supporting collaboration in the classroom have been proposed. We report on a practical experience with scripts based on the Pyramid collaborative learning flow pattern supported by a specific classroom tool and a teacher-facing dashboard that implements mirroring and guiding support. The input data of our analysis stems from recordings of classroom interactions guided by several teachers using the PyramidApp with different levels of teaching support. For the analysis, we introduce a specific coding scheme enabling a quantitative comparison and deeper analysis using epistemic network analysis. The results show that the guiding support enabled teachers to perform more orchestration actions, more targeted interactions and to make more announcements to the class (regarding time, phase transitions, and students’ activity participation) when compared to the mirroring support. Teachers’ actionable differences observed under the mirroring and guiding support directed us to deconstruct the notion of orchestration load into different facets and to discuss how different support provisions correspond to the different facets of orchestration load.

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