SmartLET: Learning analytics to enhance the design and orchestration in scalable, IoT-enriched, and ubiquitous Smart Learning Environments

SmartLET is a Spanish research project that aims at improving the support of (re)design and orchestration of physically-situated scenarios based on different devices and massive scenarios within the context of SLEs by means of learning analytics. To do so, the project will propose (1) a set of learning analytics services that will provide indicators furnishing actionable information about the (re)design and orchestration, adequate visualizations of the indicators that will help participants make informed decisions that improve the (re)design or orchestration, and interventions that can be automatically triggered based on the indicators also to ameliorate them; (2) a framework for the integration of the proposed services in different SLEs; and (3) a set of pilot experiences showing how such services enhance the (re)design and orchestration.

Three research groups collaborate in SmartLET: GAST from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, GSIC-EMIC from Universidad de Valladolid, and TIDE from Universitat Pompeu Fabra. The project is funded from 2018 to 2020 by the European Regional Development Fund as well as by the National Research Agency of the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovations and Universities (grant numbers TIN2017-85179-C3-1-R, TIN2017-85179-C3-2-R, and TIN2017-85179-C3-3-R).