Two Ph.D thesis from Gradient-UC3M will be completed in the next weeks

In the forthcoming weeks, two Ph.D thesis from Gradient-UC3M will be completed. The first thesis is “Aplicación de técnicas de analítica del aprendizaje como soporte a la clase invertida”, and it has been done by Aarón Rubio Fernández, and the second one is “”Analítica del aprendizaje para la predicción en escenarios educativos heterogéneos”, by Pedro Manuel Moreno Marcos. Both theses have been directed by Carlos Delgado Kloos and Pedro J. Muñoz Merino.

These two theses contribute to the objectives of SmartLET related to the redesign and orchestration of Smart Learning Environment, including pilots. Furthermore, these pilots can be used in innovative learning scenarios such as the ones bases in the Flipped Classroom model or those based on SPOCs and MOOCs.

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