GSIC/EMIC researchers attended the 14th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning

GSIC/EMIC researchers attended the 14th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning

The researchers of the SmartLET project from the GSIC-EMIC research group, Yannis Dimitriadis, Erkan Er, Paraskevi Topali and Sergio Serrano-Iglesias, attended the 14th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL 2019), held at the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, between the 16th and 19th of September, 2019. During the event, the researches participated and presented their work through the different sessions.

Erkan Er organized the workshop “Generating Actionable Predictions on Student Success: The role of Learning Design”, that aims to teach how to generate actionable predictions on student engagement using in-situ learning approach and illustrate how to inform the feature selection with Learning Design, and presented the work “Synergy: A Web-Based Tool to Facilitate Dialogic Peer Feedback“, that introduced Synergy, a web-based platform designed to help design and implement dialogic feedback practices, during the demonstration session.

Paraskevi Topali presented the advances of her work during the poster session, titled “Error 404- Struggling Learners Not Found” Exploring the Behavior of MOOC Learners“, which presents a MOOC case study that explores the learners’ behavior to provide useful information for the identification of learners struggling with different course aspect. The authors attempted to shed light on the behavior of MOOC learners’ by tracking the activity traces of the ones who reported problems (in private messages and discussion forums) during the course run-time. This work was awarded with the Best Poster Award of the conference (

Yannis Dimitriadis organized the workshop “Hybrid Learning Spaces – Design, Data, Didactics” (, where the participants could discuss about the technical and pedagogical challenges arose in learning environments relying on hybrid learning spaces. During the workshop, Sergio Serrano-Iglesias presented his work titled “Personalizing the connection between formal and informal learning in Smart Learning Environments“, where the authors explore how the learning design can be used within smart learning environments to properly understand the context of the students and provide them adequate recommendations for informal learning related with the learning goals and topics of the formal learning.

As well, Paraskevi Topali and Sergio Serrano-Iglesias presented their PhD. thesis proposals during the Early-Track of the Doctoral Consortium.


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