Gradient-UC3M team developed a framework and tool to Support the Flipped Classroom using Learning Analytics

A framework for the redesign and orchestration of learning experiences with the Flipped Classroom Methodology using Learning Analytics has been presented at the IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference and shared with the learning community [Rubio-Fernández, A., Muñoz-Merino, P. J., & Delgado Kloos, C. (2018). Scenarios for the application of learning analytics and the flipped classroom. In 2018 IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON) (pp. 1619-1628). IEEE.].

In order to take advantage of this framework, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid has developed a tool which allows teachers to follow the methodologies proposed in that framework. In addition, the tool provides teacher with the possibility of creating students groups automatically, using the interactions students-videos and students-exercises to discover the different students’ profiles. In particular, the tool aims to promote the usage of Smart Learning Environments within specific courses.

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